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Welcome to my
View from Ruby Ridge

It is with great pleasure that I present my 
Personal Freedom Pages, Opinions, and 
Presentations for view across the world, 
via the World Wide Web. 

I offer my views on America, on our Corrupt Federal Government, 
their lies, twisting of the TRUTH and other deceptions, as well as 
attempting to remind my readers of their responsibilities AS Americans, 
including VOTING,  sitting JURY, being aware of their constant LOSS of 
Constitutional Rights due to a FedGov that has slipped it's Leash,  and 
the roles they can play in correcting these very real threats to America and 
Americans the world over! 



 Principles of a Sociopath

The Socio-pinion

 Readers Writes

 Timothy McVeigh

 Beginning of the End of Freedom in Amerika

"One has not only a Legal, but a Moral responsibility
to obey JUST laws. Conversely, one has a Moral
responsibility to DISOBEY UNJUST laws."

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Crime & Punishment

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